Smart Home and IoT for Telcos Series (In Development)

Series Highlights

During the rise of the Internet, communication services treated their network providers as little more than “dumb pipes,” providing bandwidth. The IoT revolution, requiring a dramatic increase in strong, secure communication links, offers providers an opportunity to not only play a larger role but to create new value. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become increasingly visible thanks to the rise of intelligent thermostats, interactive fitness trackers, and the promise of autonomous vehicles. Such technologies are compelling because they make the things around us smarter and more interactive. In the words of one commentator, we need no longer settle for dumb tools but can instead look forward to “enchanted objects”. The Ossidian Internet of Things for Telcos Series follows on from the Big Data and Analytics for Telcos Series and comprises six eLearning modules that outline examples of successful IoT deployments, the growth in the IoT market and the market’s main movers. IoT architecture is introduced together with an overview of the most significant and emerging IoT technologies, devices and protocols.

Course Contents


  • Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Enhanced Objects

  • Sensor Technologies

  • Information Value Loop

  • Use Cases

  • Definition

  • The IoT Market


Smart Home

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Car
  • Unique Addressability of Things
  • Smart Wearable
  • Consumer (Fitness and Healthcare)


Smart City

  • Smart Retail
  • Smart Transport
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Enterprise

Technology Overview

  • Sensor Technologies
  • Devices and Intelligent Systems
  • IoT Technical Standards

Deployment Overview

  • Deployment and Application Examples
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Future of Smart Home and IoT